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Equilibrium Close Contact Equi-Chaps (Pair)

Equilibrium Close Contact Equi-Chaps (Pair)
Brand: Equilibrium Products
  • Description

The Equilibrium Close Contact Equi-Chaps are a breathable turnout boot to help to keep your horse's legs dry and mud free to prevent mud fever.

With mud fever, prevention is better than cure, and the Equilibrium Close Contact Equi-Chaps do exactly what they say - they fit close, like a second skin to keep legs protected from the damaging effects of mud.

The Equilibrium Close Contact Equi-Chaps completely encase the lower leg, covering the hoof, heel and fetlock area.

The Equilibrium Close Contact Equi-Chapsoffer mild protection from brushing and overreach injuries so eliminate the need for a brushing boot and an overreach boot when turning out. They are very easy to clean and dry quickly and the touch and close straps make them secure even around the fetlock area. With handy grip tabs for easy removal.

They come in an array of sizes to suit the smallest of ponies and largest of horses with additional features like the hook receptive fetlock area to allow for greater adjustability.

Please note: these are not suitable for horses or ponies with a neoprene allergy.

It is important that the Equilibrium Close Contact Equi-Chaps fit the horse snugly so that mud doesn't rise under the boots and cause irritation which could lead to mud fever. They can be worn for up to 12 hours with minimum risk of rubbing as they are so flexible, soft and breathable.

The Equilibrium Close Contact Equi-Chaps features:

  • Shaped to fit over the fetlock, hoof and heel
  • Completely covers the coronet band
  • Breathable, soft and comfortable
  • Made from perforated neoprene
  • With 4-way stretch to fit like a second skin
  • Available in six sizes for the perfect fit
  • Easy to wash, quick to dry
  • Can be worn on front or hind legs as required
  • Handy grip tabs for easy removal

1 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Equilibrium Close Contact Equi-Chaps Size Guide

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