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Horse Rug Terminology

The Countrybase store sells a wide range of horse rugs including:

Cooler Rugs
Exercise Rugs & Sheets
Fleece Rugs
Fly Rugs & Sweet Itch Rugs
Stable Rugs
Summer Sheets
Turnout Rugs

Rug Styles

Many types of rugs are available in different styles such as:

Standard Neck Rug

A standard neck rug stops at the horse's withers, leaving the neck exposed.

Detachable Neck Rug

A detachable neck rug is a standard neck rug with attachments, usually D rings, which allow for a separate neck cover to be attached as and when required. These rugs provide flexibility allowing the neck cover to be removed in warmer weather and attached to the rug during colder weather.

High Neck Rug

A high neck rug is a rug that partially covers the neck.

Combo Rug

A combo rug is a rug with permanent built in neck cover that extends towards the top of the neck. A combo rug offers the most warmth and protection.

Rug Weight/Thickness

Rug weight or thickness is measured in grams/gsm (grams per square metre). Lightweight rugs typically have from no filling up to 150g, mediumweight rugs between 150g-300g and heavyweight rugs over 300g filling. The heavier the filling the more warmth offered by the rug.


Denier (symbolised D) refers to the strength of the outer fabric of the rug and essentially the higher the number of denier, the stronger and more durable the material. Turnout rugs are commonly 600D, 900D or 1200D. Whilst a 600D turnout rug may be sufficient for horses turned out for short periods, a 1200D rug is recommended for horses turned out 24/7 when a more robust rug is needed.


Lining is the material used on the inside of the rug such as polycotton, nylon or fleece-like wicking material.