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Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula 5 Kg

Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula 5 Kg
Brand: Kevin Bacon
  • Description

Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula is a nutritional supplement developed by specialists to solve such problems as brittle hooves, sand cracks, and hoof rings or foundered hooves.

Hoof Forumula contains highly digestible proteins rich in amino acids which make it well suited to equine athletes on high energy grain diets.

With a large amount of biotin (100mg/kg) and vitamin A (975000 UI/kg), Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula has to be one of the best nutritional supplements on the market which plays a vital role in the synthesis of tough, healthy horns.

Hoof Formula contains a high concentration of calcium to correct possible imbalances in this mineral's intakes. It also contains optimal proportions of other minerals and trace elements that are indispensable for a horse's health.

Kevin Bacon's Hoof Forumula's original composition makes it a unique and specific high quality nutritional supplement that speeds hoof growth and improves horn quality.

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