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Science Supplements 4Feet 10 Kg

Science Supplements 4Feet 10 Kg
Brand: Science Supplements
  • Description

Science Supplements 4Feet is a specialist dietary supplement that provides a concentrated source of the micronutrients, Biotin and Calcium, required for good hoof horn quality and growth. 4Feet uses a unique, highly bioavailable form of Biotin, meaning more of the nutrients are absorbed leading to greater results.

Poor hoof condition is common in all types of horses and ponies and can lead to practical problems such as splitting of the hoof and losing shoes. When hoof condition is compromised, this can also contribute to lameness, as the hoof becomes less effective at shock absorption and foot balance may be detrimentally altered. Whilst many different minerals, vitamins and other ingredients (eg yeasts) are included in hoof supplements there is only significant supporting evidence for the use of D-Biotin.

  • Providing high specification nutrients
  • Helps improve hoof & horn condition
  • Reduces cracking & splitting
  • Decreases foot sensitivity
  • Promotes healthy skin and hair

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