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Equina Meganutril

Equina Meganutril
Brand: Equina
  • Description

Equina Meganutril is a homeopathic, biological, high quality mineral feed supplement containing a mixture of ingredients which are made up of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, combined with yeast and nutritionally rich algae concentrate. The ratio of Calcium(Ca):Phospherus(P) is 4:1.

The basic forms of horse feeds available are not able to provide the complete nutritional levels required. Poor quality and unsuitable storage contribute to these insufficient standards. Without proper supplements to a horses feed rations, it's general well being & all around soundness will deteriorate over time.

Foals (from 6 months) - 3 years

For even and overall development of the skeletal, muscular, and central nervous systems.

Sport and Performance horses

Maintains the daily nutritional requirement for both normal training & high stress performance.

Due to its increased content of vitamins A, D3 and trace elements, this mineral feed must not make up more than 2% of the horse's daily intake.


Provides a balanced supply of nutrients


  • Calcium 4,500 mg
  • Phosphorus 1,200 mg
  • Magnesium 150 mg
  • Sodium 1,200 mg
  • Vitamin A 36,000 mg
  • Vitamin D3 3,600 mg
  • Vitamin E 150 mg
  • Copper 15 mg
  • Zinc 18 mg
  • Iron 36 mg
  • Manganese 36 mg
  • Lysine 960 mg
  • Threonine 300 mg
  • Malt Sugar 15.00%
  • Alga complex
  • Yeast complex
  • Selenium 0.030 mg

The nutrients which are put in are physiologically suited to the need of the horse. They are produced by treating the nutrients with care, some of their best features are high bio availability and effectiveness with best acceptance.


  • Calcium Carbonate 25.00%
  • Dicalcium Phosphate 22.30%
  • Malted Sugar 15.00%
  • Sea Algae Meal 7.00%
  • Magnesium Oxide 0.80%
  • Dried Yeast 4.00%
  • Sodium Chloride 11.30%


  • Sodium 15.00%
  • Lyside 3.20%
  • Threonine 1.00%
  • Calcium 15.00%
  • Phosphorous 4.00%
  • Methionine 2.00%


  • Zinc
    (as Zn-II-sulphate monohydrate, aminoacid Zn-chelate, hydrate) 2,700 mg
  • Iron
    (as Fe-II-chloride, aminoacid Fe-chelate, hydrate) 1,200 mg
  • Copper
    (as Cu-II-sulphate pentahydrate, aminoacid Cu-chelate, hydrate) 500 mg
  • Manganese
    (as Mn-II-sulphate monohydrate, aminoacid Mn-chelate, hydrate) 1,200 mg
  • Selenium in organic form*
    (*from saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I 3060 (inactivated Se yeast) 5 mg
  • Vitamin A 1,200,000 IU
  • Vitamin D3 120,000 IU
  • Vitamin E
    (Alpha-tocopherol acetate) 5,000 mg


To meet daily basic requirements

  • For horses (500kg-600kg) - 30g per day = 1 measuring spoon
  • For foals from 7 months - 10g per day = half measuring spoon
  • For small to medium sized breeds - Calculate the above rations to the horse's weight, receive respectively the half of the above mentioned ration


3 Kg - 100 days provision for a 500kg-600kg horse)

10 Kg - 333 days provision for a 500kg-600kg horse)

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