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Jin Aluminium Stirrups

Jin Aluminium Stirrups
Brand: Jin Stirrups
  • Description

Jin Aluminium Stirrups stand out for their revolutionary design and use of the cutting edge material aluminium to produce a stirrup with a maximum weight of 300 grams. Jin Stirrups are one of the lightest aluminium stirrups in the world, without compromising security in any way.

The Jin Aluminium Stirrups offer an unparalleled grip due to their generous surface and anti-slip "diamond" pimpled aluminium foot rests. The ergonomic shape of the stirrup pad inclined at 4° guarantees excellent grip and maximum stability. The result gives the rider great stability and the sensation that the stirrup becomes a part of their foot.

The Jin Aluminium Stirrups are made in high quality anodised aluminium for durable protection against corrosion and are available in a great choice of colours. The color is obtained through a process of anodic oxidization with shiny finish.

Made in Italy.


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