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Hilton Herbs Insu-Lite (2 x 2 Kg Pack)

Hilton Herbs Insu-Lite (2 x 2 Kg Pack)
Brand: Hilton Herbs
  • Description

Hilton Herbs Insu-Lite is formulated to maintain and support horses that appear to live on fresh air and struggle to maintain a normal healthy body weight and natural glucose levels.

Hilton Herbs Insu-Lite is a dry supplement containing herbs such as psyllium, garlic and ginger, each chosen to help those classed as good-doers.

Ponies especially developed to thrive on sparce grazing where they had to cover a considerable distance each day to find it. Nowadays, grazing is often too rich, there is a vast array of feeds available plus rugs to keep our natives warm. As such, more horses and ponies are carrying too much condition which can cause serious problems.

Hilton Herbs Insu-Lite is best used in conjunction with an appropriate diet and exercise programme, which your vet could advise on.

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