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We offer a range of general purpose numnahs at great prices. Browse all brands of general purpose numnahs below or filter general purpose numnahs by brand and/or price range. We offer general purpose numnahs in a range of colours and styles so you are sure to find a general purpose numnahs that suits your needs.

Rhinegold Half Lined Sheepskin GP Numnah

The Rhinegold Sheepskin Half Lined GP Numnah is a top quality cotton general purpose numnah with the finest sheepskin lining under the saddle area.

Rhinegold Half Lined Sheepskin Vented Spine GP Numnah

The Rhinegold Vented Spine Sheepskin Numnah is a top quality quilted general purpose numnah with half sheepskin lining for comfort and pressure relief under the saddle and ventilation holes along the spine for free flowing air.

LeMieux Pro Lambswool GP Half Lined Numnah (Merino+)
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The LeMieux Lambskin GP Half Lined Numnah is a top quality numnah half lined with pure Australian Merino lambskin. The lambskin wool is much denser and softer than sheepskin.

LeMieux Lambskin Pro-Sorb System Half Lined GP Numnah

The Lemieux Pro-Sorb System offers a unique combination - all the benefits of a luxury Merino lambskin numnah with the flexibility to adjust saddle fit and balance.

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