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Equina Secrolin 800g

Supplement that supports & regulates the respiratory system & enhances the immune system in horses.

Lincoln Herbs Immunoherb 1 Kg

Lincoln Herbs Immunoherb is a scientifically formulated herbal supplement to support an efficient and healthy immune system.

Wendals Herbs Booster 1 Kg

Wendals Booster contains a selection of herbs including Echinacea to help support the horses natural resistance to infection.

Equina Immuno Pro 600g

Supplement for maintaining a healthy and fully functional immune system.

Horse First Back To Form

Horse First Back To Form is a scientifically formulated supplement aimed at horses that are weak or easily fatigued, require a lift following a hard race, competition or hunt and for horses that need a pick up following illness, lay off or injury.

Hilton Herbs Equimmune (2 x 1 Kg Pack)

Hilton Herbs Equimmune for horses and ponies is a dry supplement formulated to maintain and support the immune response throughout the year.

Equivite Vitamin E & Selenium 3 Kg

Equivite Vitamin E & Selenium is a powerful antioxidant formula that supports muscle function and immunity.

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