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Lincoln Herb Stix (5 x 1 Kg)

Lincoln Herb Stix are delicious treats for horses made with real herbs giving a natural taste and providing a healthy reward for your horse.

Lincoln Platinum Pro Flex Joints 1.56 Kg

Lincoln Platinum Pro Flex Joints is a scientifically formulated joint supplement containing Glucosamine and Chondroitin to increase the strength of the cartilage supporting your horse’s joints.

Lincoln Herbs Flexion 1 Kg

Lincoln Herbs Flexion is a natural herbal supplement, scientifically formulated to support and maintain joint mobility.

Lincoln Herbs Immunoherb 1 Kg

Lincoln Herbs Immunoherb is a scientifically formulated herbal supplement to support an efficient and healthy immune system.

Lincoln Herbs Devil's Claw Root 1 Kg

Lincoln Herbs Devil's Claw Root contains superior grade tuber root from the African native herb Devil's Claw, which is reputed worldwide for maintaining joint comfort.

Lincoln Platinum Pro Breathe Respiratory 1.44 Kg

Lincoln Platinum Pro Breathe Respiratory contains a powerful combination of the antioxidants Vitamin C and E which work together to combat damage caused by respiratory problems.

Lincoln Glucosamine Premier Concentrate 600g

Lincoln Glucosamine Premier Concentrate is a concentrated glucosamine supplement with added MSM and Vitamin C to promote optimum health in joints, tendons and cartilage.

Lincoln First Aid Kit

The Lincoln First Aid Kit is a handy first aid kit containing the following essential items: Animalintex, Digital Veterinary Thermometer, Metal Hoof Pick, 250ml Lincoln Antibacterial Green Oil Spray, 20g Lincoln Antibacterial Powder and 100g Dermoline Skin Ointment.

Lincoln Classic Neatsfoot Oil 4 Litres

Lincoln Classic Neatsfoot Oil is a traditional product for conditioning and softening leather. Regular use will maintain the optimum moisture level of the leather and so prevent it from becoming dry.

Lincoln Stud Kit

The Lincoln Stud Kit is an ideal starter kit. Comprises 8 small studs, 8 large studs, 8 set screws, 1 hexagon key bit, 1 t-tap (3/8"), 1 x hoof cleaner and 10 rubber stud hole stops in a in plastic box.

Lincoln Platinum Pro Lamin8+ 2.1 Kg

Lincoln Platinum Pro Lamin8+ contains 9 active ingredients to support a healthy metabolism and hoof function.

Lincoln MSM 1.5 Kg

Pure Methyl Sulphonyl Methane, a biologically available form of sulphur that is beneficial for feeding to horses susceptible or experiencing impaired movement.

Lincoln Herbs Movability 1 Kg

Lincoln Movability has been scientifically developed for the maintenance of joint function in horses.

Lincoln Herbs Laminide 600g

Lincoln Herbs Laminide is a scientifically formulated supplement to help maintain healthy circulation to the laminae, which is essential for those suffering with laminitis. Low in sugar yet highly palatable - perfect for fussy easters.

Lincoln Herbs Hormonal (2 x 1 Kg Tub)

Lincoln Herbs Hormonal is a herbal supplement to tone down the behaviour changes which occur during and around oestrus.

Lincoln Herbs Calmness (2 x 1 Kg Tub)

Lincoln Herbs Calmness is a herbal supplement to help promote calmness and reduce anxiety and stress in horses.

Lincoln Herbs Quititch (2 x 1 Kg Tub)

Lincoln Herbs Quititch is a herbal supplement aiming to minimise itching and help prevent the associated skin damage.

Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Cream 200g & Mud Kure Powder 15g

Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Powder and Lincoln Muddy Buddy Magic Mud Kure Cream used together are a fast effective therapy for mud fever.

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