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Types Of Horse Rugs

The Countrybase store sells a wide range of horse rugs suitable for different purposes and these include:

Cooler Rugs
Cooler rugs are used on sweating horses after exercise. They are breathable rugs that wick away moisture from the horse to the rug where it evaporates, allowing the horse to cool down gradually.

Exercise Rugs & Sheets
An exercise sheet or rug is used to keep the horse warm and/or dry whilst being ridden. Some exercise rugs are placed under the saddle, whilst others have a cut out area and velcro fastening at the front so that they can be placed over the saddle.

Fleece Rugs
Fleece rugs are breathable and warm and can be used as a light stable rug, a travel rug, an under rug or as a substitute for a cooler rug.

Fly Rugs
A fly rug or fly sheet is a lightweight fine mesh rug that offers protection to horses from biting flies and insects during the summer.

Stable Rugs
Stable rugs are used to keep the horse warm whilst stabled and are available in different thickness/fillings. Stable rugs are not waterproof and so not intended for outside use.

Summer Sheets
A summer sheet is a light cotton ruug that offers protection for the horse against dust and flies during the summer and are useful when the horse is stabled during warmer weather or when travelling to shows.

Sweet Itch Rugs
Sweet itch rugs are a close fitting, ultra fine mesh rug and one of the most effective means of reducing a horse's exposure to midges (the cause of sweet itch). Sweet itch rugs should be used before the midge season starts, usually from February onwards is best.

Turnout Rugs
Turnout rugs are waterproof rugs designed to keep the horse clean, warm and dry when out in the field. Turnout rugs are available in different thicknesses/weights of filling offering varying degrees of warmth to the horse.